Histoires d’un Ange

Johanna Rose (viola da gamba), Josep Maria Martí Durán (theorbo), Javier Núñez (harpsichord) 

Rubicon 2019


Featuring one of the greatest composers for viola da gamba, Marin Marais.

The son of a shoemaker,who was described to play the viol “like an angel”, according to Hubert Le Blanc’s 1740 treatise, rosed from his humble origins to the highest rung of the ladder at court thanks to his talent and ability to adapt to his environment. The success of his five books of pieces for viol shows that not only did his music enthral Versailles, it also captivated the Parisian bourgeois classes, naturally keen to imitate what was popular at the court of all courts.

Watch the Making of

MARIN MARAIS (1656 -1728)1. Prélude en Harpègement (Ve livre 1725) 2. Prelúde (IIIe livre 1711) 3. Gavotte (IIIe livre 1711) 4. Grand Ballett (IIIe livre 1711) ROBERT DE VISÉE (1655 -1732)5. Passacaille (manuscript Vaudry de Sauzenay, 1699) MARIN MARAIS (1656 -1728)6. Fête Champêtre (IVe livre 1717) 7. Rondeau Le Bijou. (IVe livre 1717) 8. Le Tourbillon. (IVe livre 1717) FRANÇOIS COUPERIN (1668-1733)9. Passacaille ou Chaconne (Pièces de violes avec la basse chiffrée, 1728)

MARIN MARAIS (1656 -1728)10. L’Árabesque (IVe livre 1717)11. Allemande La Superbe (IVe livre 1717)12. La Reveuse (IVe livre 1717)13. Cloches ou Carillon (IIe livre 1701) JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (1683 -1764)14. La Marais(Pièces de clavecin en concert, 1728. Arrangement for harpsichord) MARIN MARAIS (1656 -1728)15. Marche (IVe livre 1717)16. Le Badinage (IVe livre 1717)17. Chaconne (Ve livre 1725)